Israel's defense minister calls for 'worldwide hackathon' for Iranian freedom to access social media

Israeli Dense Minister Naftali Bennett on Saturday called for a “worldwide hackathon” to help Iranian citizens whose Internet has been shut down by the government in response to ongoing protests over an increase in fuel prices. Source link

MLB's plan to cut 42 minor league teams would hurt communities nationwide, MiLB owner says

Major League Baseball’s (MLB) overhaul and contraction plan to eliminate 42 Minor League teams would hurt local communities across the country, Daytona Tortugas owner Rick French said Saturday. Appearing on “America’s News HQ Weekend” with host Ed Henry, French said, “The fact that you’re looking to contract 42 teams in which Minor League Baseball (MiLB) is […]

Dan Gainor: Impeachment, Afghanistan and Bloomberg News conflict on Thanksgiving media menu

The biggest turkeys this week weren’t the ones involved in the annual presidential pardon. These had everything to do with media bias that doesn’t stop even for a national holiday where we all give thanks. Start with impeachment because, let’s be honest, the press never ends with it. Over at CNN, it was a veritable […]

Dutch police arrest homeless man as suspect in Hague stabbings

Dutch police have arrested a homeless man and brought him in for questioning, suspecting that he was behind the stabbing of three teens in The Hague, Netherlands, during Black Friday shopping. Dutch police haven’t released the 35-year-old man’s identity, and the motive for the stabbing remains unknown. “We are keeping all scenarios open,” a statement from police said. The stabbing occurred around […]

Man says spiral light bulb filled with ladybugs almost burned down house

A Kentucky man’s warning about a spiral light bulb nearly causing his home to catch fire is as gross as it is shocking. (Photo: iStock) A Kentucky man’s warning about a spiral light bulb nearly causing his home to catch fire is as gross as it is shocking. Jason Whitaker took to Facebook to share […]

Harris aide, in resignation letter, says ‘I have never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly’

A top aide to Kamala Harris gave a damning assessment of the California senator’s struggling campaign in her resignation letter, declaring that she has never seen an organization “treat its staff so poorly” and accused the campaign of encouraging people to move across states — only to lay them off without notice. “This is my […]

Kate Beckinsale shows off long legs, abs in leopard-print bikini

Kate Beckinsale isn’t letting the colder weather bother her. The actress, 46, is currently on vacation with a male friend and is showing off her incredible bikini body in a variety of swimsuits. First, Beckinsale showed off her long legs in black high-waisted bottoms with criss-cross detail at the waist and a bandeau top. KATE BECKINSALE […]

Alex Clark: Left dominates pop culture – Conservatives must engage and not be left behind

The left has hijacked pop culture. Liberals force-feed the general public their agenda through pop culture much like parents feed a child vegetables (except unlike broccoli, most of pop culture is terrible for you). In the so-called age of consent, it’s more than a little ironic that whether we like it or not, those on […]