GOP groups throw support behind Georgia, Iowa election reform laws amid Dem lawsuits

Two national Republican groups have intervened in state-level lawsuits that Democrats have brought against new election integrity laws in Georgia and Iowa. The Republican National Committee and National Republican Senatorial Committee have stepped in to defend new GOP-backed laws in both states, which Democrats have painted as voter suppression and racist. “The Democrats have grossly […]

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants 'full stadiums' for the 2021 season

Commissioner Roger Goodell is optimistic heading into the 2021 NFL season. While talking to reporters during the owners meetings on Tuesday, Goodell explained how he expects teams to have “full stadiums in the coming season.” As more and more Americans across the country continue to get vaccinated in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, it’s […]

'Real Housewives' star Jen Shah said her assistant 'would literally do anything' ahead of arrest

Ahead of her recent arrest for federal fraud charges, “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Jennifer Shah admitted to having an assistant that “would literally do anything” they were asked. On Tuesday, Shah, 47, was arrested and taken into federal custody on Tuesday in Salt Lake City, Utah and hit with federal charges stemming from allegations she conspired […]

Jen Shah’s house—the infamous ‘Shah Ski Chalet’—is an alleged fraud, too

“Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Jennifer Shah, was arrested on Tuesday for alleged money laundering and defrauding hundreds of elderly people in a telemarketing scam. But her alleged victims weren’t the only ones getting faked out — so were Bravo fans. The 47-year-old breakout star quickly became notorious for her flamboyant fashions and her friendship faux […]

ACLU vaccine passport concerns suggest unusual common ground with GOP

The American Civil Liberties Union and some members of the GOP find themselves in rare agreement over the idea of vaccine passports, both expressing privacy concerns and potential government overreach.  “We also worry that a vaccine passport will encourage over-use. The issues around passport design are separate from the question of where and when people […]

Journalist Michael Moss says people have been conditioned to consume processed foods like a drug addiction

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and food science author Michael Moss joined Tucker Carlson for the second installment of “Tucker Carlson Today” on Fox Nation to discuss the dangers of processed foods, particularly their adictive nature. “I’m starting to call a lot of these products fast groceries, like fast foods from restaurants,” said Moss. “And one of […]

Mets' Pete Alonso speaks out on Francisco Lindor's contract situation: 'Pay him $400 million'

First baseman Pete Alonso is a huge fan of Francisco Lindor, the All-Star shortstop the New York Mets acquired this past offseason in a megadeal with the Cleveland Indians. And since Lindor is looking for a new long-term contract with the new franchise he calls home, Alonso decided to speak out on behalf of his […]

Beyoncé shares rare snaps of her and her children during family beach outing

It’s a rare occurrence when Beyoncé shares photos of her children. The record-holder for most-ever Grammys by a female with 28 wins did so on Wednesday when she posted a series of snaps from a lunch outing with her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, and twins daughter Rumi and son Sir, whom she shares with business mogul and rapper […]

Lahren blasts San Diego for teaching illegal immigrant students in-person ahead of US students

In her latest “Final Thoughts” monologue, Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren ripped San Diego County, Calif., officials who plan to educate illegal immigrant children in-person while American students are stuck in virtual learning. She also criticized Democrats for sending and housing migrants inside an convention center that is otherwise closed to the public. Lahren said Wednesday […]

Chris Watts still in touch with girlfriend he murdered his family to be with, fellow inmate says: report

Chris Watts, who is serving life in prison for murdering his wife and two daughters, is reportedly still in contact with the girlfriend that he killed his family to start a new life with in 2018.  A fellow inmate of Watts told the Daily Mail that Nichol Kessinger, who changed her identity and disappeared following Watts’ arrest […]