Rep. Mike Waltz demanded that the International Olympics Committee move the Beijing Olympics games Friday on “Fox News Primetime.” 

MIKE WALTZ: Well, first, Brian, I want to be clear that we have been asking the IOC to move the games out of Beijing for a couple of years. They have had plenty of time to do. So now that we are just months away, I don’t see how we fly the American flag in Beijing after they are literally conducting genocide as we speak, millions of Muslim leaders in concentration camps, modern-day slavery is going on. Not to mention the millions around the world that are dead because of COVID, people being snatched out of their homes in the middle of the night within Hong Kong. How can — how can our corporations sit here and talk social justice and turn a blind eye and sponsor these games. We need to make a stand and should not be going. Demand that IOC move the game.


Actually, it got nearly a unanimous vote in the Canadian parliament. A number in Australian Senior leaders have spoken up. British senior leaders. And, importantly, 200 human rights groups from Tibetans to Christians, to the Muslim leaders and around the world are begging us and take a stand and not reward Beijing with these games. From a national security standpoint, we just had an expert before our committee that pointed out Russia invaded Crimea just months after being emboldened by the games in Sochi. And he feared that Taiwon could be next after the 2022 games.


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